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    Holistic approach to long-term success by continuous performance improvement

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    Development of appropriate Medical Information System And implementation methodologies is a necessary prerequisite for the successful development of health systems.

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    Right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will accelerate the quality and speed of the right decision-making for health-care providers. Real Time (KPIs) Analytic Dashboard for All Health-care Providers.

TQM Management

Measurement, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of process outcomes , care delivery process and Patient safety .Appropriateness of procedures; Adherence to :practice guidelines, protocols, or clinical paths. Organizational systems assessment: Operational processes; quality controls; written policies, procedures, and protocols..

Health Information Systems

Developing Information technology Systems for Data collection, summarization, and aggregation.Information analysis, display, and presentation.Information interpretation, sharing, and use Ongoing communications within the organization.Effectiveness oversight.

CPHQ Preparation Workshops

Preparation Workshops : Quality Leadership and Structure / Information Management / Performance Measurement and Process Improvement / Patient Safety

Medical Research

The development of appropriate medical database design and implementation methodologies is an important research problem in the area and a necessary prerequisite for the successful development of such systems.

Technical Solutions

Taking into consideration the technical growth of smart devices and The medical field has always had an interest in the incorporation of technological advances into practice,So We Develop The Best High Quality Medical References and Guides.


We are providing high-quality services and our solutions is very smart and easy.So We are proud of Teaching ,Training , Consultation and Empowerment .That is Our Spirit.

TQM Solutions Experts

Comprehensive System Management Solutions By Continuous Improvement For Customer Satisfaction

TQM Solutions Experts is located in United States with professional international network of experts and consultants . Our Mission is to provide high value solutions that support the implementation of HIS Beside TQM Systems for healthcare providers by transparency for the better safety of patients.

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Technical Solutions

Information technology, on its own, will not create better information systems that enable organizations to function more effectively.
Organizational cultures need to be changed so that the wider processes information management becomes a priority

We Create The Solution That fits your Needs, Management Style and Culture With Professional Effectiveness

Consultations Program

Holistic approach to long-term success By continuous performance improvement To meet and exceed customer expectations
TQMse Provide Training, Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting and Developing

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